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Important news for iPhone 4 users

Thanks to Javier for sending me these links. Looks like the iPad and iPhone 4 won't support Mikey. I wonder if the new Mikey will work with iPhone 4 or iPad, I'm thinking not.

Here's the link to the Audiofile engineering forum, and also an interesting link to Faber Acoustical which goes further saying that the iPhone 4 doesn't work with the camera connection kit for the iPad.

The response for the iPhone 4 mic seems similar to the 3GS which is ok, but the lack of input options is a disappointment at the moment. I guess that we might have to wait for developers like Sonoma Wire Works and Blue to come up with audio interfaces for the iPhone 4 and iPad.


Anonymous said...

WoW That Sucks Big Tyme. I'm Pre-Ordered for the 14th and cant test the options I have here until.

Why did apple cripple the audio when manufactyres been working hard on the current audio hardware options.

No USB CCK support is a slap in the face. Bummer

Mr. A said...

Forget it, Jake. It's Appletown.