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Sonorasaurus Rex for iPad 2.0 arrives

Sonorasaurus Rex 2.0 has arrived. Here's what's new:
  • Easy file transfer via iTunes File Sharing
  • 3 Hot Cues and 1 Main Cue
  • Latency Priority Mode for maximum performance
  • Music library with playlists and sorting options
  • Batch/single waveform generation
  • Waveform scrubbing
  • BPM Tapping for easy BPM calculation
  • Beat-highlighted waveforms and pulsing orb to facilitate beatmatching
  • Two standalone decks for playing your uploaded or bundled songs
  • Dedicated effects module per deck
  • High quality Reverb, Flange, Distortion, Tremolo, Echo and Highpass effects
  • Tweakable parameters for all effects
  • Crossfader for mixing songs together to any degree you choose
  • Persistent Pitch Control for adjusting playback speed (Beatmatching)
  • Dynamic Jog Area for dramatically and temporarily affecting pitch
  • EQ and Gains for fine tuning the volume, low mid and high frequency ranges
  • Built in HTTP upload interface for adding songs to your mixing library (requires local WiFi network)
  • LED Level meters
  • Full MP3 format support including VBR and CBR (128 to 320 kbps)
  • AAC and WAV support
  • Bonus tracks, courtesy of Melee Beats and Service Sweden
  • Tutorial for newcomers
    • Sonorasaurus Rex comes with featured songs from artists like Jackpot, Lake Heartbeat, Melee Beats and The Embassy, so you can start mixing as soon as you install the app!
      • To batch upload your own files, open iTunes, select your iPad and and look under Apps -> File Sharing. Alternatively, you can upload tracks through local Wi-Fi one by one.
      Sonorasaurus at the app store:

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