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PianoStudio from Frontier Design

Frontier design, the studio behind my fav guitar app iShred have produced a new app called PianoStudio. I haven't tried this app, but it has some really nice features. I especially like the piano roll.

  • Three high-quality piano instruments (Grand 1, Grand 2, Upright)
  • 9 built-in demo songs
  • Built-in Recorder with overdubbing, variable tempo, metronome, and undo/redo
  • Tilt-controlled volume and sustain pedal
  • Awesome phrase editor lets you create repeating patterns or passages that would otherwise be impossible to play
  • Built-in chord library with over 10,000 chords
  • Lots of visual customizations to help you organize and play your tunes
  • 5 banks of buttons per song
  • 9 available button layout styles with between 8 and 40, plus keyboard-and-buttons style

PianoStudio at the app store:

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Cody said...

I've been using a Frontier Design Dakota for 6 years, and absolutely love it. It's never had a single problem.

When I read this post, I had no idea they were making iphone apps, and wondered if some other company had just used a really similar name.

It's good to know they're still doing well as a company.

Anonymous said...

Looks nice, but what about some synths. Someone needs to make something more like Griff really.