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Musique non Talent: A brilliant pocket studio

I love pictures like this, there's a great description of how each device is used on the Musique blog.

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Anonymous said...

I've done a little home video for my new song "Don't miss your chance" recorded at my girlfriend's bedroom with my Boss MicroBR and Bhajis Loops, you can see the MBR and my T3 at work here.
I hope you like it!!!



Palm-Sounds said...

Fantasic work. I really like the song too.

robman84 said...

Thanks for the post and glad you like my little set-up.

If anyone can recommend a tiny battery powered mixer I'd love to hear about it. Whilst the passive mixer is fine, I'd love a powered mixer.

Anonymous said...

Going to have to give that belkin thing a go. Sounds very useful indeed.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. More pics like this please.

Palm-Sounds said...

We should have more pictures like this.