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Buglabs introduce Bugbee

Another bit of news for Buglabs today, they've introduced a new module, bugbee. Here's a bit more about it.
What can you do with BUGbee, you ask? Well, BUGbee is a low-power, low-bandwidth radio module. It operates using the 802.15.4 protocol, which transmits data in smaller packets than 802.11 devices. BUGbee also offers the same, if not greater, transmission range of wi-fi (theoretically up to 1,200 meters). And since it consumes far less power than wi-fi, it’s perfect for battery-powered sensor applications.

Furthermore, as over 64,000 devices can reside on the same BUGbee grid (unlike 32 with wi-fi), you can build larger-scale intelligent grid networks with BUGbee. This makes it suitable for home automation, energy monitoring, industrial machine-to-machine (M2M), supply-chain logistics and more.

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Anonymous said...

When these come out in Europe I can imagine that they'll really take off in a big way. It'd be great to see a whole user community spring up

ashley said...

Count me in.