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Palm to show NOVA at CES (via Brighthand)

Brighthand has this post about Palm showing their new OS code named NOVA at CES next month. Also they'll be showing the first new device to run NOVA.

I think that it will have to be really good to make up the lost ground for Palm, but sadly I'm not expecting to be blown away by NOVA, although I'm happy to be wrong.

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Unknown said...

Palm needs to devote a team to making the most optimum Bhajis environment they can - that means fixing the hum that the audio line-out emits, correcting the latency of the hard-keys so that they can reliably be used for tapping rhythms, providing an audio-in jack, improving the Palm sound engine, etc etc

Bhajis should come preloaded with every Palm sold and Olivier should be given a percentage of each sale. People worldwide would be eating their vegies and composing beautiful tunes in strange places. It would solve Palm's business troubles and create world peace.

Do i expect this to be a part of Palm's business plan? Hell yes, anything else would be shortsighted! Listen up, corporate bigwigs...Bhajis is the future