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GigBaby updated

GigBaby has been updated and a few new features have been added. These are:

- Shuttle, allowing you to move to a specific point in a track
- Overdub, very useful
- Track delete

I was also reading a couple of the reviews on iTunes. One was glowing and the other said that they had to reboot after recording each track, which is awful.

Gigbaby at the iTunes App Store

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Guy said...

I believe the review you refer to is a comment about the lack of an overdub feature. This feature is available in the newest 1.1 release. I do not see any reviews about rebooting, and have not seen any support requests related to this. If you know of anyone having any problems please direct them to the ioMetics.net/support.html.


Brian said...

yeah... this app is sweet. I've not had a crash yet and was quite impressed with pushing 4 tracks and a drum track. For 99cents? and the author is adding more features. Even has a WiFi transfer utility for mac which will be updated and PC version coming.
Even if updates are another 99cents, you can't go wrong.

Palm-Sounds said...

I'm impressed with this app.