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Drewzle on Palm and Bhajis

In case you didn't see this post I had to make a little bit more of Drewzle's comments on Palm's NOVA platform and new devices. Well said as far as I am concerned:
Palm needs to devote a team to making the most optimum Bhajis environment they can - that means fixing the hum that the audio line-out emits, correcting the latency of the hard-keys so that they can reliably be used for tapping rhythms, providing an audio-in jack, improving the Palm sound engine, etc etc

Bhajis should come preloaded with every Palm sold and Olivier should be given a percentage of each sale. People worldwide would be eating their vegies and composing beautiful tunes in strange places. It would solve Palm's business troubles and create world peace.

Do i expect this to be a part of Palm's business plan? Hell yes, anything else would be shortsighted! Listen up, corporate bigwigs...Bhajis is the future

Anyone disagree?

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efabric said...

Bhaaagis Rules !

concretedog said...

Drewzle for president I say! And Olivier for King!

Anonymous said...

unless Bhajis gets ported to either Android or iPhone, it's a jewel app on a dead platform. RIP Bhajis :(

Come on guys quit dreaming! Palm will NEVER be that hot platform that we have all been waiting for how many years now?