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Some first impressions

I had some time on the train this morning to check out a few new apps and new versions of apps, so I thought I'd combine them all into one post.

This is a little keyboard app that I mentioned yesterday. It has about five sounds, all of which are crisp and clear. The keyboard works well, although there is only one octave and no way of scrolling up or down octaves. I think it is a good start for this app and I hope it gets developed. It would be good to see more sounds and the ability to move up the keyboard initially. I'd hope perhaps for some form of recording as well later on.

This drum machine app has had some pattern bank features added to it. These work well moving from one pattern to the next at the end of the preceding pattern. Some form of chaining would be good in the next release.

This is a very simple drum pad app. It has had some new sound banks added to it, and they sound very good. Yo be honest, I really like this little app, the interface is nice and it is just fine for punching out some drum beats during an idle moment. I think it would be nice to see a record function, or some way to pass a set of beats out to bedrum.

This is an accelerometer based synth app which has had some new wave forms added. I have to admit that I had very little time to play with this app today, and it is quite difficult to do it justice on a busy train as really you need to move your arm around to work it. Gestural music can seem a little strange in public. However, from what I could tell it sounded good. I'll give it some more attention soon.

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