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Noise.IO keyboard

More news from Noise IO Synth. The app (when it is finally released) will have a velocity sensitive keyboard (of sorts). Here's what Noise IO says:
We're happy to inform noise addicts that the release version of Noise.io will feature a velocity-responsive keyboard.
That's possible because of our unique technology: the higher you hit the keyboard note - the lower the velocity will be. So, you should aim lower for more volume.

Meanwhile left part of the screen is used as an assignable 3-dimensional modulation wheel (yes you can do multitouch there).

All this comes naturally and after a little training, expressive play is possible.

By the way, the betatesters have just got the pre-release final beta and soon will hopefully post their first impressions in the forum :-)

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salt said...

New video as well, showing this keyboard feature among other things. At least one of the beta testers has posted some comments in the forum.