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Help with circuit bending links

I know there are a few readers are into circuit bending so I thought I'd ask a favour of you. Could anyone recommend some good links for forums / groups where I can get advice and help without feeling like too much of a newbie?

Also, if anyone can suggest any good soldering irons for a beginner that would be really helpful.



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ashley said...

Thanks for those.

concretedog said...

Massively late response...sorry..

http://www.getlofi.com/ for inspiration, schematics and the latest on the US bending scene

A massive collection of links well worth spending some time on

The home of Reed Ghazala the father of bending...with a good tutorial section

Uk based forum.. pretty friendly and definately into sharing bends/experience rather than keeping secrets!

On a soldering score I would buy a relatively cheap one..you want a small one that you hold like a pen not a soldering gun)around 15-25 watt with replaceable tips..I have a pretty cheap amdek one in my collection that I would reccomend as a beginners iron. General tips for soldering are available all over the web...but I would reccomend getting something like an old computer mother board and practice soldering wires to different bits of it so that you get good and accurate on a none essential bit of kit.

ashley said...

Wow, thanks so much for that. That's really helpful. Much appreciated.