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And so Lemur is back now

Lemur returns after being off the app store for a while to fix a critical bug. Now it's back, it's fixed, and what's more it's now iPad Pro ready too. Impressive.

Lemur is a great app for testing out ideas and for creating your own controllers. If you don't know it then now is the best time to show a little interest as it's currently on sale for just $9.99, it used to be $24.99 before this.

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Anonymous said...

Two updates and it's still not fixed; fair enough, it no longer crashes upon opening, it now crashes when you tap the cog....to actually do anything! Disappointing. Maybe they need that guy who went to Moog, when they were having 'issues' with their updates. Gert Bevin?
Ooh - iPhone 6S+ 9.1 just in case they're interested.