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Amplitube Acoustic setup and features with iRig Acoustic (video)

Video description:

"In this video I go through the very simple setup of Amplitube Acoustic with iRig Acoustic, and go through the main features of the software. Using Airserver software I have screencasted from my iPad to give you a great view of the user interface. Enjoy and please subscribe."


Ginger Lefty said...

Thanks for sharing my video. You should make it easier though for people to understand that you are just sharing this video and that this is not your own work. Give credit where credit is due.

Ashley Elsdon said...

That's why I put the "video description" and post what you've written about your video in there. To be fair I post a lot of videos from a lot of people and no one complains. This is pretty standard practice if you look at Matrixsynth and other sites.

However, if you'd like me to take it down I will. No offense was intended.