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Prodigy got updated, but I didn't know it was there, or at least I don't remember it

Personally I think it's a sign that the whole mobile music thing is completely mainstream now. There was a time when I could remember pretty much every app, but those days are gone. There are far too many to remember and I find myself missing them these days.

This is a good example. It appears to be a nice little synth app, it's universal and cheap too ($0.99). I also like how it looks like a calculator!

Here's the app's description:
  • FM Sound Synthesizer for iPhone and iPad
  • Three oscillators for frequency modulation and subtractive synthesis
  • FM matrix
  • Ability to draw any waveform for each oscillator
  • ADSR envelopes
  • Effects - delay, reverb, freq. filter
  • Keyboard - 5 multi-touch, 3 octaves, glissando
  • Polyphony 1-7 voices
  • Presets list
  • Supports Audiobus including state saving 
How did I miss it?

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