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Wej Layout Complete! (video)

Video description:

"Last week we passed another big milestone on Wej. We finalized the circuit board layout, and we’re sending the board to the manufacturer (for those that are interested, you can find the eagle file for the layout here and the schematic file here). This means that we’ll have a final circuit board in hand soon to complete programming, testing and production.

Design update — more ports!
As we’ve finalized the electronics, we improved the design of Wej. The prototype we showed in the announcement video had two USB ports. You could use these for charging your iOS device or connecting a midi controller. The final version of Wej will have three USB ports. Two for USB MIDI, and one dedicated port for charging your iPad or iPhone. This makes Wej a more reliable base for controllers and iPad as you won’t have to choose between power and control. The case design is being refined as well.

Milestones and Estimated Ship Date
We’ve been making great progress on Wej, with 8 milestones completed (check the list at http://blog.retronyms.com)

Revisions to the electronics have taken a little longer than we planned, and we’re now predicting that we’ll be shipping Wej to pre-order customers in 3–5 Months. We’re working tirelessly to make Wej great, and we’ll keep you posted on our progress on the next 4 milestones."

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Anonymous said...

Just knowing how Retronyms have treated customers and cared for their apps, I hope this thing never comes out. With all the iOS solutions available, I'm still suprised this got funded; the docks, the iKM stuff, iCM stuff and the other companies making good products and excellent customer care - and then there's this, made by them!