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Plan Five by pantsofdeath

So the other week I did a collab with the evil and depraved Bernard Flesh on a track using soundscaper and iElectribe. Yesterday I decided to see what that sounded like slowed down from 87bpm to 5bpm. I liked it and so I recorded a 16 bar loop... which was 12 minutes long. I cut that down to about 4 bars and then added some bassline (120 bpm slowed to 20bpm), Elastic drums at 40 bpm and Stochastic at 80 bpm... Then added some excellent vocals from Plan 9 From Outer Space, long lauded as the worst movie ever made. Finally bunged a couple of Animoog parts over the resulting mayhem and here we are... plan 5 (bpm). I might try the 5 bpm again...
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