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iConnectAUDIO4+ Tutorial - Exploring iConfig Patchbay and Mixer (video)

Video description:

"A walkthrough of the audio patchbay and mixer inside of iConfig."


Anonymous said...

Even though it's going to sound like I'm a troublemaker but these videos and I mean all of these done by the same guy are terrible. Apart from all the important things he misses out, it's clear that he's not a natural educator. They should've used Geert Bevin (not sure that's how you spell his name) he's amazing, so amazing in fact, he's heading up a team at moog. How annoyingly talented. I watched his video on an iCM2 (I think) and I wish he'd done all these tutorials instead.

Derek Jones said...

Hi Anonymous. I've been teaching professionally and successfully in a variety of fields for over 30 years. I've developed training courses that have sold worldwide and reached 1000s of people and taught at primary, secondary, university and adult education level.

Sorry you are disappointed. I know Geert a little and I have no problem or competition with him in any field. I would welcome seeing videos from him on the products too.

Have a nice day ! :-)