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bC16 mk5 modular still on eBay with a day or so to go

This rare bC16 on eBay has a day or so to go and still isn't at the sort of price I'd expect it to reach. Here's the description from eBay:

"I ordered a Chimera bC16 synth sometime around the start of Obama's first term. It arrived in January. In the intervening time, I have acquired more than enough gear and frankly want this albatross out of my house.

Patchable with mini banana cables.

Used by Throbbing Gristle & a bunch of fancy brits with the clout to get their synths delivered on time.

Absolutely mint condition. Includes MIDI Din adapter, power supply, inverter, 1/4" jack to 2mm banana cable, 10 mini banana (2mm) patch cables"

Chimera Instruments Ltd bC16 mk5 modular synthesizer on eBay

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