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Here's the round up from this week, enjoy!

So as always (or at least reasonably regularly) here are the highlights from the last week. I'm trying something different this week. I thought it would be interesting to see the highlights on a day by day basis. Let me know if you think it works, and if you prefer the old style, or something inbetween.

Monday (17.2):
  • An interesting video from AES with Andy Farnell talking about procedural audio
  • A date for your diary, Arduino day is on the 29th of March and it's ten years of Arduino

Tuesday (18.2):

Wednesday (19.2):

Thursday (20.2):

Friday (21.2):

Saturday (22.2):

So, another big week this week. Lots of huge announcements and more to come next week no doubt. See you tomorrow for more mobile music goodness.

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