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Multitrack DAW records 4 mono

Some awesome news for Multitrack DAW users, if you have a Lexicon Omega USB interface you can record up to 4 tracks simultaneous audio on an iPad 1 via the CCK. How great is that.

Strangely the Lexicon Omega is one interface I've always wanted to get and now I've got an even better reason to buy one.

You can read more about the Multitrack DAW and the Lexicon Omega here.

Lexicon Omega on eBay

MultiTrack DAW - Harmonicdog

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Tom TM said...

This would be great if it worked the other way round- ie 4 separate outputs instead of inputs. Especially with apps such as Djay.

freesoulvw said...

I worked with the dev this past weekend and got the yamaha audiogram6 to do the same!

It will arm and record multiple tracks as long as there is input sources connected to each input on the interface the app will allow multi track record.