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CDM on new site dedicated to Field Recording

CDM posts on this new site which is dedicated to field recording, and I know quite a few of you are interested in this.


Marlene DeGrood said...

Thanks for the link. I woke up this morning thinking I will spend part of my day today (taking day off to celebrate 1 year of being smoke free) to research sites on the web dedicated to sound .... hmmmmm.
I'm waiting on my redhead for my new Zoom H4n, the included foam windscreen just doesn't cut it. I'm listing both my M-Audio MicroTrack and my Zoom H2 on eBay next week .... they served me well but the H4n won over my heart :)

Palm-Sounds said...

Marlene, 1st, congrats on the 1 year. How about doing a review for the H4n?

Marlene DeGrood said...

Once I get my "redhead" (which is actually metallic gray), I'd be happy to review but on second thought I won't be using it to it's full capabilities for a while (all the 4 track recording stuff) so I might not be the best to review. So far I've just used it for indoor recording and it's awesome and my main needs are literally for field recording .... I love capturing sounds of nature as well as city sounds. I've been doing field recordings since the days of battery operated cassette recorders and actually, since I'm 57 years old, I can tell you that I started off with reel to reel ... yikes!