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Soundrop for iPhone

Probably more for fun than anything serious, but anyway, this app was just on CreativeApplications and looked good. And it is free, so worth a go I guess.

Soundrop at the app store:


Unknown said...

Hey, this looks pretty handy for making kalimba or tongue drum style loops!

Anonymous said...

Soundrop is a rip-off of BallDroppings by Josh Nimoy. The official version of BallDroppings, authorized by Josh Nimoy is available for Android:


For more info on BallDroppings, go to http://balldroppings.com

soundog said...

Check it out! Music + physics!

johnnyg0 said...


Hey have you seen also how many people ripped off Tonematrix by Andre Michelle? If I remember correctly there was no Tenori-on app before Tonematrix appeared on the web (maybe 1-2 exceptions?), and shortly after there was a flood of them.


Jordi said...

It,s fun and free.