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What are Hexatone and Keasis?

A closer look at the Amidio site and it appears that they have another two apps coming along.

Hexatone is described as a 'jaw dropping music app', and Keasis as a 'mind stretching music app'.

I can't wait.

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ToyoBunko said...

I'd like to share some information regarding those apps, but I cannot :) We do not want our ideas to be copied.

Hexatone will be the first to be released, hopefully within 2-3 weeks, and Keasis will follow in June. Those apps will be more professional-oriented than Star-apps. (We try to keep some balance).

As always, thanks for coverage of our news :) Have you seen the videos of Star Melody and Star Piano, by the way?



Palm-Sounds said...

Looking forward to seeing what these two are like.

Did you see my idea for another Star series app?