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Thomas Dolby and the VL-1

I got the latest Thomas Dolby 'best of' CD / DVD today. I noticed that on the video for 'She Blinded me with Science' there are three Casio VL-Tones that are brought in my boys into the operating theatre.

I'm glad to see that even back in the 80's Mt Dolby was into mobile music making. I apologise that the photos are so blurred, so I've added the video and you can see the VL-Tones at about 3 minutes 14 seconds.

Know any other videos with mobile music stuff in it?

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Manishi Kuma said...

well Kapitan Nemo didnt use casio but smoe bigger vintage syths and for sure could spend some time with Thomas Dolbly talking about chiks, love and fashion http://moonbuz.blogspot.com/2009/05/captain-nemo-kapitan-nemo.html