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Muvee Show now discontinued

I stumbled over the muvee site when I was browsing through Handango looking for art and video. I'd forgotten all about this app, so I've loaded it on my Treo 750 and it works fine.

It is nowhere near as good as something like TrakAx mobile, but currently I can't get that working on my Treo as the screen size is not supported. So, while I wait for the people at TrakAx to fix that, I thought I'd try out a few other apps.

Muvee is actually a very simple little app, and just makes little slide shows from still images, and adds a theme to them as well. For what it is there's nothing wrong with it, but I was expecting more to be honest.

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Anonymous said...


miniMIXA V3 featured a video mixer, enabling you to chain together pictures, videos, music and sound effects with a range of transitions. It was quite impressive. :) This won't be in the first release of Mixtikl (we have too much to do!), but it'll re-appear no doubt in subsequent releases of Mixtikl!


ashley said...

Pete, can't wait to see Mixtikl, I think it is going to be great.