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Syntrax is free!

Syntrax is now free! All versions:

PocketPC Versions:
Syntrax Version 1.05 (ARM/XScale)
Syntrax Version 1.05 (Mips)
Syntrax Version 1.05 (SH3)
Symbian UIQ version:
Syntrax Version 1.09 (p800/p900/p910i/a925/a920)
Symbian Series 60 version:
Syntrax Version 1.09 (Nokia NGage,6600,6620,7610, Siemens SX1, and more)
Symbian UIQ 3.0 Version:
Syntrax version 1.09 (SonyEricsson m600, p990, w950)
Full WinXP and Win2000 Desktop version (v1.04)
Syntrax Version 1.04

Well worth checking out if you use any of the devices listed above.

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