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So it's true, the iPad Pro is a thing ... (and more about today's various announcements)

It was what everyone said was coming, and indeed it did come along. So what will we make of it? Is it a revolution, or is it just bigger, more powerful etc? Well the specs are impressive indeed. It's powerful. Four speakers are nice, but with the addition of the new 'Apple Pencil' it starts to look more and more like a Surface than an iPad. Except without an accessible file system of course. And actually how mobile will this be? It is big. Personally I've found the iPad Mini to be a better portable device for music making than the old format iPad. I'm not sure how this device is a step forward for mobile music making except in terms of its power.

As for Apple Pencil, didn't someone say something about your finger being the most natural pointing device? I seem to remember that from somewhere. Are we going backwards or is this just full circle.

As you can tell, I'm not sold on the Pro as yet. Not by a long way. However, the mini 4 does look like a nice upgrade, but not an innovation. Not in my book anyway.

Then there's the new iPhone ...

Force touch, or 3D touch as we're now calling it will bring some interesting developments, and that can only be a good thing. I like that. Faster is good too. But what does make me laugh is how Apple describes iOS9, "iOS 9 is our most advanced, intelligent and secure mobile operating system yet". What else would it be?

Anyway, I think the new S models are a reasonable step in the right direction. I won't be upgrading for a long time to come, but perhaps when iPhone 7 comes out.

Then there's the Apple TV and TVOS.

I had thought that there would be more mention of iOS integration, but no. Is that not on the agenda? Did I miss something? Maybe there'll be more to say about this later when it actually becomes available.

Of course the other news from Apple is that iOS9 is coming on the 16th. No doubt there'll be teething problems and then a swathe of updates on apps and also problems with music making. Just normal stuff really.

There was of course the Apple Watch, but I'm not going to mention that as I don't think that Apple sees wearables as viable for music making, and so far the attempts to do this haven't been ground breaking. I live in hope.

In other news Native released Reaktor 6. I'd wondered if they might also announce Reaktor for iPad, or iPad Pro, at least as a player. But sadly nothing so far. Again, I live in hope.

So it's been an eventful day. More will come out over time, but overall I'm not seeing real innovation coming forward. It doesn't feel like that to me.


velocipede said...

So, does a nearly 13" iPad still qualify for Palm Sounds coverage? I guess, it does, but then so should the lighter smaller Macbooks.

Tim Webb said...

Re: Reaktor for iPad

Keep hope alive! I'm there with you.

terrarium records said...

This is the first time I saw an Apple livestream and didn't get that "Oh my god I need that" itch... good for the wallet. The iPad pro will serve a certain market, at that price point though (factor in the cover and the pencil) I'd probably just get a Surface Pro.

A little confused that iPad mini 3 was skipped, but what's in a name. At least the mini matches Air 2 specs now so that parallel is drawn.

The iPhones are cool, but I feel like I just got the 6. It's plenty fast... if there was better support for music apps I wouldn't even care about the iPad (I just don't see Gadget or any of the Sugarbytes stuff, Cubasis etc coming to iPhone).

Anonymous said...

iPad pro is obviously geared towards graphics and design applications. Sure some
music apps may be great on it but at that point I'd just buy a laptop - feel like most others will feel the same as well.

Bob Laughton said...

"As for Apple Pencil, didn't someone say something about your finger being the most natural pointing device?"

Someone said that while introducing the first iPhone way back in 2007. They said no one should have to "sandpaper their fingertips" in order to operate a smartphone.

Apparently the iPad Pro senses when the Apple Pencil is in contact with the screen and shifts into a higher-resolution, lower-latency, pressure-sensitive input mode. (This is called progress. Wouldn't it be nice for writing music notation?)