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Sqeech Demo for iPad A Strange and Wonderful Sound Generator (video)


Kamelmauz said...

Head's up. Sqeech doesn't work on IOS 8.1.2 on iPad and iPhone 4s, nor does it work on IOS 8.1.3 on Air !.

It creates audio for 15-60 seconds, then cuts out. It doesn't rout audio through the Core, so, even what it does provide is only available at the 1/8" output.

Nice video, but this really smacks of being abandonware. If so, it should be removed from the app store.

Kamelmauz said...

The developer responded to my inquiry:

"I haven't developed Sqeech in iOS8 yet. Sorry it has problems for you. It's not abandonware but i don't have an upgrade on my current agenda. I understand this might frustrate you. If i can facilitate a refund let me know. Thanks for showing interest."

How nutty!

If you aren't planning to fix something that is broken, it means you've abandoned me the user to your broken app.

Apple is part of the problem. Apple should eliminate all the abandonware.