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QOTD: What are the biggest limitations you find with iOS music making?

Let's face it, whilst the limitations are reducing all the time there are still limitations to what you can do with a mobile device. What do you think are the biggest limitations, and what do you do to overcome them? Perhaps more importantly, do you think that the limitations you find or experience actually help you in the process of making music, and in what ways?


papernoise said...

I have tried for a long time to make use of ios apps as part of my live setup, but have since abandoned it. The limitations were more than the advantages.
My main gripes could be summed up as being:
- cumbersome filesharing and management
- wonky MIDI implementations
- lots of apps that feel a bit unfinished
- note editing on a piano roll still feels quicker and easier with a mouse
I don't blame the developers though. The app store business model does not really make app development easy and profitable for most of them, I guess that's the main reason most apps feel more like an experiment than a finished product.
It's a pity though, because there's really a lot of innovation going on!

I totally believe in limitations as way to be more creative, but then, technical issues and cumbersome management just waste time and rob me of the little energy I have left at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

For me, it is lack of velocity/expression in playing on Thre Ipad itself. Sometimes, I ask myself: why do I bother connecting maybe controllers and keyboards to my iPad? I am just replicating my computer set up. What I would love would be expressive way to play on the iPad itself. For the iPad itself to meaningfully recognize velocity.

Unknown said...

I've just read pepernoise's comment and it's the same for me. I have bought a lot of apps and tried very hard but finally, I quit!

I sincerely think that iOS music will be more and more interesting. I'm pretty sure I'll get back to it in a couple of years but for now, the tool is in experimentation mode ...

Anonymous said...

cumbersome filesharing and management

lots of apps that feel a bit unfinished


I find that automation is not recorded smoothly enough in most apps. after recoridng you can hear it "stepping"

Dr. Puck said...

My workflow pours iPad output into a DAW.

I've adapted to the chief structural limitations: memory, processing power, file management.

However, the Core Audio and Core Midi remain unstable as far as things not working at some unpredictable point. (iPad 2, iPad Air 1.)

That said, I can overload the laptop too, so, my workflow adjusts to favor the all-important stability across all hardware.

On the other hand, I'm looking forward to the pro iPad too. The touch paradigm has brought into my toolkit completely unique possibilities, for example Gestrument, TC-Data, and all the wonderful sequencers, that it is easy for me to advocate IOS's strengths and promise.

Kamelmauz aka Dr.Puck

Anonymous said...

What's the point of anything using MIDI timing, if few apps seem to actually work well together and stay locked together.

The Unflattered said...

For me, it's a simple question of effectively running analog sources into the iPad for the purposes of live performance. Everyone who wants to use an IDevice, even for effects, then out to an amp / PA, has to pony up for an iRig. For lone recording artists, it's not an issue, but all in all, I'd say the lack of a simple, dedicated "line in" port is the biggest headache, in terms of performance.

papernoise said...

Well there's a whole lot of choices when it get's to iPad audio hardware, including several docks, like the IO Dock from Alesis. The main problem there seems to be to find one that works with all apps. My experience has been rather bad in these regards as well. Apparently there's a lack of standards, or maybe it's just because anything iOS is still filed under "consumer". But you won't find the same pro level as with laptop-oriented hardware.
The issues then range from audio dropouts or glitched signal, to unreliable MIDI input/output and apps crashing.