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QOTD: How much time do you spend making music?

Lots of us have busy lives with family and work and other stuff, so where do you fit in your music making and how much time are you able to give it? Do you find any clever ways to fit music making in around your other commitments? If you do, please share them.


jimkook said...

I've managed to fit in quite a decent amount of time - on train journeys to and from work gives me about a solid hour and then about a half hour at lunch and finally about another hour when the wife has gone to bed! so in a week i'd say i get at least 14 hours. hasn't made me particularly prolific though - 3 months on one track so far and its still nowhere near ready

Garloo said...

Much of my music making time is at odd free moments on trains and before sleeping. Just due to my too busy life I don't have the time I once did to spend long periods of time working things out. iOS apps have really allowed me to keep on making music and working out ideas. Someday I hope to have more time but in the meantime I still get a lot done.

Anonymous said...

Never as much as I would love to. Usually have to fit it in between family commitments.

All you you single people out there.. Enjoy it while you can!

Anonymous said...

i find its good to just stick with each track until its fully finished even if it gets painful hearing it for the millionth time and the track is still not finished after four months haha! always coming back to the same track until its complete.

also, eating dinner early. then i'm are not so tired late at night.