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QOTD: Do you use Android for music making?

I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea and most mobile musicians are iOS users, but I'm interested to know if anyone is making Android music (and I know that there are people doing it) and if you are how you find it has moved on.


Anonymous said...

i only use nanoloop, android, and caustic. Admittedly these are really good pieces of software.

There isnt really anything else comparable to ios. I have given up checkin on if there is new stuff coming out for android, so in that sense it hasnt really moved on for 3/4 years as far as im concerned.


I picked up the Note 4 and Note 12.2 this past year, my upgrade eligibility came at an awesome time. The low latency drivers Samsung included in these devices, as well as porting a few great iOS apps, allow for some fantastic jamming. And the ease in which you can utilize USB controllers via OTG just tops the cake.