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Anyone want to do a top 10 apps post?

What's your top 10 apps at the moment? Want to share it? Get in touch and let me know which apps they are and they can go on the blog. Just say which apps they are and why they're in your top ten. If you really want to you can explain how your top ten has changed over time as well. Let the lists begin!


Stéphane Picher said...

OK, I dive in. If I don't think this too much, my list goes like this:

1- Xenon
2- Funkbox drum machine
3- Elastic Drums
4- Soundscraper
5- Loopseque
6- Figure
7- Livkontrol
8- Rebirth for iPad
9- iMaschine
10- Garageband

If I do it tomorrow, it'll be different!

Anonymous said...

not strictly portable for all of them:

1-sunvox (tablet)
2-renoise (netbook/laptop)
3-milkytracker (pda)
4-lgpt (psp)
5-nanoloop (touchscreen phone)
6-caustic (tablet)
7-gstomper (vabeast, tablet)
8-nanostudio (ios tablet)
9-nanoloop (gameboy advance, bpm problem)
10-lsdj (original gameboy, bpm problem)
11-adlibtracker2 (netbook, bpm problem)