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I'd like t bit of feedback on this page if you have a minute

I've been wondering about whether or not to keep this page or revamp it. If you have a minute could you take a look and let me know if it's worth keeping and if so, what you think it needs.



Unknown said...

Palm Sounds Gear Shop surely needs to stay running. All other stuff is possible to find through Google.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I read Palm Sounds every day and I never even noticed that page.

Sorry - but I like the site and, as I said, I read it everyday.


Unknown said...

Palm Sounds Gear Shop surely worth to keep running - it's your unique branded stuff. Other stuff (iPads, etc) could be easily found through Google.

Unknown said...

Palm Sounds Gear Shop surely needs to stay running - it's your brannded unique stuff. All other (hardware, iPads, etc) could be easily found with Google.

Peter Labrie said...

About palm sounds as viewed on ipad.

I first saw this post on December 29 in the am. It was already 9 postings down. Each post has a tiny blurb until opened.

What happens is commenting is scattered and hidden until a item is opened.

Group some videos in a single post. Like the lemur ones.

Have a way of indicating activity on a news item before the item is opened. Like number of comments. Then I can think "hey I wonder what all the commenting is about?".

What I like is that there is always activity. Which is better than waiting days or weeks for a story. It shows great interest and makes your blog useful. I appreciate all the effort. Thank you. Peter

Unable to post comment on ipad.

Found "view web version" at bottom.

It does show comment number on each post.

Going to try to comment on web version.

Anonymous said...

First, I didn't realize you had a store page; I guess I dive into the announcements too fast. I suppose more categories or links--If I needed these things, I wouldn't necessarily go here to find them. But if I heard more about this page and could use it as a kind of diving board to see the breadth of what's out there, I would visit it periodically to see where chance might take me. I hope that helps. I think it depends on what you want it to be and what it's impact on your time is.

I have to say I was relieved--at first I thought you were talking about stopping Palm Sounds itself. Which gave me bad flashbacks :-)

That said, I should take a moment to thank you, here at year's end, for your time and labor and enthusiasm. I don't often comment, but I check the blog at least once a day to see what's new and get inspired. Thank you, truly.


Anonymous said...

dont need it

ashley said...

Thanks all for the feedback. Will do my best to take it on board.