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Audiobus Demo at the London Mobile Music Makers meet

As promised here's a small excerpt from tonight's demo of audiobus. As soon as I've got more video I'll post it.


Dave Plummer said...

Unfortunately from a musicians point of view this isn't actually showing very much.

I'd have thought it quite obvious that a demo of producing a sound in one app, passing through another and recording in a third andshowing the playback would show people the development but i didn't get any of that from what was shown in that vid. It just appeared very noisy, although that could have been outside issues - but lack of comment in the description leads me to think it was app related, and messy.
Nothing at all shown there could really be shouted from the rooftops. Left confused and with doubts.

Hope this won't be a letdown after all the hype.

Anonymous said...

Terrible mate, absolutely terrible, wtf is the clicking? What's he doing? Terrible footage, the most hyped about app in history and the very first video is this tragedy? Come on, not very good sales pitch is it