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Digital Bass Line for iPhone

Thanks to Robman84 for pointing me in the direction of Digital Bass Line a 303 simulator from the developers that brought us BtBx and Android talker. Looks really good. Here's what the developer's site says:
Armed with the passion to bring to life a virtual 303, we have gone to great lengths to recreate the ultimate acid machine. We used our very own vintage 303 as reference, running the machine through a battery of feature specific tests to better understand and emulate in our application. What we discovered is that the 303 is not just another subtractive monosynth as some may claim and we believe that our emulation captures it's true essence.

Not only does DB-303 give you a full featured analogue synthesizer, it also gives you two versatile effects stomp boxes to bring more life to your bass lines.

Digital Bass Line is available at the iTunes App Store

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leolodreamland said...

can't get this in the uk app store... what happened?

Marc Bestgen said...

Effects (pedals) are great (2X). But rotative knobs are very difficult to turn up or down without messing it all on your performance. They are photo-realist and this doesn't help when you need to feel you grab the knob at all. I do not "trust" the controls therefore, not "feeling" them moving under my fingers. Developers shouldn't try to make an app shiny but an app that has great controls. I do not use this app anymore because of that, controls ruin my playing and that's too bad because the 2 effects linked sound great (these have good controls!)