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What's the most innovative application in 2008

I thought I'd start a poll for December on the most innovative application in 2008, but I wanted to get some opinions first. There are a variety to choose from of course. Things like:

- SynthPond
- Noise IO Pro
- SunVox

And unusually this year there are a fair number to choose from. So, if you have an opinion about which apps should be in the running, please leave a comment on this post so I can put up a poll in a few days.

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Pete Cole said...

Hi Ashley,

Don't forget to put Mixtikl in that list! ;)

With best wishes,


Drewzle said...

does a plug-in count? i'd nominate Phase Array's Alleygate

Anonymous said...

Id put a big vote in for Sunvox. Being able to stack up multi-track sequences with other multi-track sequences is the best tracker arranger method I've ever seen. Little touches like graphical pattern identifiers rather than hex really make it interesting.