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Palm Sounds is 2 years old !!!

Palm Sounds is two years old. Sadly not today, I actually missed it by a few days. It was on the 25th of May. I had no idea that it would last this long.

Happy Birthday Palm Sounds!


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Ashley!

Pete from Intermorphic

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! It's a fantastic blog that has led me to all different bits of hardware and software and production ideas..I swing by every day more or less. As Pete says...keep up the good work.

Palm-Sounds said...

Thanks all for your comments guys. I appreciate it.

mark said...

congrats! even though i'm more interested in portable apps and devices from a dj's point of view, your site has been a great read, and i've learned a lot even from your side-note-type posts!

please keep up the great work!

Midipixel said...

...and I´ve been reading since the beggining. And still going strong on Bhaji´s!!!

Keep up the good work.

Drew said...

happy birthday PalmSounds!
this is the only blog i check daily, it's always a great source of info on mobile-music-making
keep it up Ashley!