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Thinking about GP2X

There's been some talk on the new PalmSounds Group about the GP2X and using it live. I found this page of software for it and wondered how many developers are actively writing new music / audio / video apps for it?

I've kind of liked the idea of it for a while because of the VJ app available for it which I think would be really handy to use live.

But I wonder if the iPhone / iPod Touch will get more developers writing apps for it than GP2X due to the ease of release using the iTunes app store?


Peter Swimm said...

Well gp2x is way easier for audio devs to get into, but of course it has a much smaller user base. I know of a view other vjs making demos for it like:


And this netlabel is ALL gp2x audio


ashley said...

I'm leaning more towards the GP2X, especially because of the MIDI capability and VJ possibilities of the device.

Anonymous said...

A complete VJ software for GP2X does exist, it's Pikix: