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Teenage Engineering @ NAMM 2011 OP-1

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arm the wails said...

Getting one. Don't care about the price. Wanted one ever since i heard the guy from Peter, bjorn and John using it.

notmadeofmoney said...

Spring reverb; "If you kick the OP-1, will it make a sound like it does on a guitar cab?", thinks a bit, and replies; "err yes it may do that on the final version"- ie "oh yes I hadn't thought of that, let's reengineer the software a bit...and it now won't be ready until July".

Yeah right. Why can't they just release something? And I going to complain, because it's missing that feature now, after I've bought one?

Just release the bloody thing!!

Anonymous said...

about the pricing
noticed it is 799 $ and 799 €

799 dollar is 599 euro
so some will be paying 200 euro (260 dollar) more

plus they charge swedish vat to all eu countries
whichs would mean i'll pay them more vat than they are charged on top of the already higher price

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand this device.

To my understanding, there is nothing analog about it. A great deal of the cost of the device is in its underpowered computer.

Its interface is fantastic, but I don't understand why it isn't just a $19.99 iPad app.


Anonymous said...

Been reading a bit but really dont understand
their eu-vat policy.

vat tax is payed by buyers to the country they live in.
swedens 25% is the highest in the eu

so instead of every buyer paying his own taxes
you have to pay teenage engenering and then they pay
it for you