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iOS4.2 brings the CoreMIDI framework

Synthtopia posted this on iOS4.2 bringing the CoreMIDI framework into the iPad / iPhone and iPod Touch family in November.

This sounds amazing, like it could be a huge step forward, but it would be good to hear from any developers testing 4.2 to see if they agree

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Unknown said...

As DJ red Alert would say.... Yeeeeessssssssssss!!!!!

So can I use my M-Audio USB to MIDI Cable instead of line 6 i the future?
Better Midi note handling?

ashley said...

No news from devs as yet, partly I guess because they need some time, and partly because it is still under NDA.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I just read they can't give too much info as of yet :(

ashley said...

I'm hoping to get some info soon