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AmpKit and AmpKit+ Launch on the app store

Agile Partners have released their AmpKit and AmpKit+ apps which compliment their AmpKit LiNK hardware. More on this soon, but for now here's what to expect:
  • Over 60 predefined amp and pedal setups
  • Easily create and save an unlimited number of custom setups, with a dozen or more active pedals in each setup
  • Record as you play: AmpKit creates both “dry” (guitar signal before effects are applied) and “wet” (guitar signal with effects applied) recordings
  • Ability to "reamp": re-record a previous session, applying a new amp and pedal setup
  • Realistic simulations of high-gain amps (e.g., Peavey ValveKing and 6505+) that you can listen to with headphones (be sure to use AmpKit LiNK which has special crosstalk / feedback reduction circuitry)
  • Mic positioning control
  • Ultra-low latency (i.e., not even noticeable)
  • The same high-precision tuner and metronome technology used in GuitarToolkit
  • Upload dry recordings for reamping, or your favorite songs and backing tracks to play along with
  • Download AmpKit recordings to your computer, email recordings, or share using SoundCloud
AmpKit+ (£11.99)

AmpKit (Free)


robman84 said...

Great! Let battle commence...

I've got the free version of this and iShred Live and bought the LE version of Amplitube. Need to compare them all before stumping up for the full version of one of them. Well, I say "full" but Amplitube and Ampkit both have extra in-app purchases after the $20 outlay if you want everything they have. A bit pricey.

ashley said...

I know what you mean, there's a lot of ad-ons with all these apps