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Slice from the Strange Agency

Another app that I've been waiting for a while now. Slice has finally arrived at the app store, and for only £0.59 / $0.99.

Here's what the Strange Agency says about it:
Juggle broken beats like a pro DJ with an absolutely unique touch interface. Jump around the loop, rearrange its pieces, select portions to make shorter loops, add and tweak echo effects, all in real time as the loop keeps playing!

➠ Select a single slice by holding down one finger just inside or outside of the loop!

➠ Select a number of slices by holding two fingers just inside or outside of the loop!

➠ Tap a slice to turn it off or on.

➠ Drag one or multiple slices to rearrange the beat!

➠ Use one finger to press the ECHO button, then use another finger to control the echo depth and timing!

Slice comes pre-loaded with some sick beats, but you can also add your own!

So I think I'll get hold of it and give it a go.

Slice at the app store:

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Pighood said...

Slick and pretty...needs a filter and tempo control.

johnnyg0 said...

Finally!! I wanted it since the first video was shown.

Kerrydan said...

Very slick and addictive.

This app is just BEGGING to have ioLibrary integration.

As the emphasis here is on performance, I don't even care so much about recording, but I would love to be able to transfer loops made in Hexatone and Noise.io over to Slice!

Ikki said...

I bought it but I can't make it work on my iPod Touch 2G :S
It seems that the play button is not working, I can't get any sample to play.
Does anybody know how to fix that? I've tried redownloading but the error remains...