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Auteureist submitted to Apple

Not music related I know, but I'm looking forward to this writer's app for the iPhone. It has an interesting list of features too:
  • Program-wide support for both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Full-screen chapter text entry mode.
  • Text and background color support in chapter text entry.
  • Relabel "novel" and "chapter" to better reflect what you are writing.
  • Include metadata in exports.
  • Include research notes, links, maps, and photographs.
  • Support for characters and character aliases.
  • Support for story locations.
  • Support for any number of novels and chapters. (Full version only.)
  • Summary information by novel and chapter
  • Target word count tracking by chapter and novel
  • Timeline support
  • Export as plain text to Ulysses and most other writing applications via email
  • Export to Scrivener via email
  • Wireless synchronization to Auteureist™ using the companion Maciontosh Auteureist™ Sync application.
  • Built-in blogging and posting support to Posterous.com. Use Auteureist™ as a blogging tool.
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metaphormidable said...


ashley said...

Indeed wow. Looking forward to doing some proper writing on my iPhone.

Nick said...

God-awful name, though. Auteuriste would at least be plausible cod-French...