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Star6 for the iPhone

This app is described as a sample instrument. In some ways it reminds me of looptastic but with some more effects and the ability to change pitch and do some other fun stuff too.

The video at the Agile Partners site shows off the app quite well.

Star6 at the app store:

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ToyoBunko said...

My opinion is that this Star6 App is:

+has a strange name (no I do not want to think that they wanted a resemblance with our Star apps... but hey aren't there enough other words?)

+"6" has a strange resemblance with Hex (once again, but this is really funny)

+overpriced for the features offered

+the app looks strange and sounds strange and the guy in the video is also strange :)

ashley said...

All good points, not sure it is for me.

Jason Forrest said...

Most definitely no connection. We've been developing it with the same name since Sept08.

But big respect!

Anonymous said...

I feel a little saddened by the chippy/defensive/aggressive/paranoid (delete where appropriate) tone of the Amidio team. You make great apps, albeit with arcane, unique and slightly kitsch interfaces, but great apps nonetheless. Be happy with that, and let other devs do their thing - otherwise your pronouncements will take the edge off your obvious achievements. I have no idea if Star6 is any good or not but I for one detect no resemblances strange or otherwise. Nor have I seen the video (but I want to now). You're just not doing yourself any favours with ad hominem attacks - and that's a shame.

Marlene DeGrood said...

I have to agree that the sounds are strange and for me they just wouldn't be useful.

Anonymous said...

Wow there, let's all play nice ok!

ToyoBunko said...

Dear Anonymous, if you want to take my words as "ad hominem attacks" - it's your right, but come on, there really wasn't any offense :) I really respect everbody who is trying to contribute to the iPhone music scene.

I just decided to share my initial thoughts. Now I'm going to buy that app and possibly change my opinion. Thanks!

ashley said...

Sorry about this but a bunch of the comments on this post have gone missing. I've no idea how as I published the lot at the same time, but they don't seem to be on this post at all.

I realise that this post has caused a bit of contention which I didn't intend to cause any offence with.

If I can't work out what's happened to the missing posts I'll copy then from the back up emails and comment them in myself.

ashley said...

As the other comments still seem to be missing I'll add in here what I can, and once again, apologies for confusion / offence etc:

robman84 has left a new comment on your post "Star6 for the iPhone":

Not sure if my earlier comment got through, but this really is a great app. I didn't really like the video that much (don't think it shows what it can really do) but the app is great fun. If it could access loops via io.library then even better!

Timur has left a new comment on your post "Star6 for the iPhone":

I don't get if this app can play multiple sounds at the same time or not? Is it loop player or u need to trigger sample manually every time it stops? If they are in sync which one is master? Is it really works with stereo 24bit samples without converting them? Can it play six 24bit samples simultaneously?(this would be perfect!)

In my opinion documentation could be more specific on these subjects, for now it's not clear if this product is professional grade or just a toy...granular synthesis is cool, why don't you talking about this in introduction video? Trying to make things easier so more people will buy it? It is your choice of course but for me it looks kinda not good, i don't want to spend money on another toy synthesizer for all those Tokyo gadget freaks;)

the6thduke has left a new comment on your post "Star6 for the iPhone":

I agree 100% with Anonymous. And Mr Palm Sounds, you really don't help either- especially with (almost viral) remarks like that either.

Star6app looks really fun, and I can see it doing well. I do though, in the light of Jasuto and Sunvox think £3.99 is a little steep- that's my only complaint.

Really nice graphics too! Very 'hand made' :-)

GarySaville has left a new comment on your post "Star6 for the iPhone":

Here's a link to the video showing Star6. The delay effect doesn't sound like it syncs very well. Over all I'd say this looks more like a fun toy to noodle with than a new instrument.


If I've missed any off let me know and I'll try to find them.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is Palm Sounds fault about the conflict around this app, it is just people's views on whether the app is good or not. I'm glad that Palm Sounds is going to give it a go, but if Palm Sounds like's it or not is a personal opinion and that's all.

Jason Forrest said...

Hello everyone, Jason Forrest here.

Here's my responses to the comments:

The iPhone market is just too broad to go into super exact details about what Star6 can and can't do. The idea is to show people some of what you can do with our app and encourage them to learn on their own. Of course we tried to make it a little different -and dare I say funny- as well.

The video also covers a fraction of the things you can do with Star6 as it has 2 audio engines, with 1 whole engine not covered. But we will be releasing some more videos soon to show that off in the next week or so.

How many samples:
Star6 only plays 1 sample at a time. I consider Star6 to be an instrument (and not a DJ application) and therefore some limitations are good. Limitations- as we all know- usually result in more creative music. We are currently working on massively extending the sample capabilities for a major update coming soon.

As for documentation, we have a website that should answer most technical questions:

And to be really specific, we have a downloadable User Manual that goes into all the details.

Thanks and have fun!!