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Some useful information on why developer drop iOS7 support

I found this post very interesting, not just from the perspective of the TC apps, as it is their developer's blog, but more generally to understand some of the issues that developers have to grapple with. I hope you find it useful too.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting read. Once again, it makes me wonder Apple's motivation:
1. Are they just improving and developing these tools, esentially making them better - or
2. Dropping the support specifically to 'entice' users and devs to upgrade - which sells iOS hardware and promotes and supports the latest features etc.
3. Only supporting the latest OS, makes the uptake numbers look better - which (to them) makes it looks like the 'strategy' is working.
4. Annoying developers so much, Microsoft and Google platforms start looking increasingly attractive.
Probably more than one - Apple are shooting themselves in the foot with so many of their decisions lately, making me (for the first time since I got into iOS in 2009) wish there was a more attratictive iOS alternative. All this stuff makes it harder for me justify using iOS as a professional level platform. PS- 5 iPad's, 3 Phones, MacBookPro and 5k iMac, so I'm pretty heavily invested in Apple's world.
I couldn't do what I do without iOS but I'm seriously considering my 6S+ being my last hardware purchase and Apple has forced me to draw a line - 'this far, and no further'.
Rant over - apologies.