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More details on the Pixelh8 One 128k

More details emerge on Pixelh8's new project and it looks like it could be loads of fun: 

Pixelh8 One 128k Key design objectives:
  • All components must be standard "off the shelf" parts, no reverse engineering of existing equipment or devices.
  • Must be Midi In / Midi Out compatible. (OSC to follow)
  • Must have audio generation capabilities.
  • Must have the ability to read / write from SD Card.
  • Must have ability to be mobile and TV screen based.
  • Must have at least two different types of interface controller.
  • Must be released with two or more pieces of software for examples i.e. game and music software.
  • 90% or higher solder-less breadboard version for basic machine.
  • PCB or shield version to follow.
  • All software / firmware must be openly available to public. Creative Commons Licensed or equivalent.
  • Programming environment is the Processing and Arduino platform created by MIT.
  • Processor or be used is a Atmega non SMD for ease of use by beginner.
Key Aims
  • High quality documentation aimed at the beginner enthusiast. (A basic model should be a weekend project for parent and child)
  • High quality instructional videos working through each module of the machine hardware i.e. Game controller, sound generation, MIDI interface.
  • High quality instructional videos working through each piece of the example software.
  • No license for SDK.
  • No license for development.
  • No fees or royalties payable.
  • All documenation and videos are free (Obviously).

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